Membership Eligibility

JOIN today and be a supporter of our society, become an active member to participate in academic, social and cultural activities.

If you have questions about becoming a member, please call our member service team.

Types of membership are categorized as follow:

  1. Active member
    1. Active ordinary member
      • Anaesthesiologist (who got the Master degree or Diploma degree) practicing in Myanmar – including in-service and out of government services.
      • Anaesthesiologist who regularly update annual dues.
    2. Active affiliate member
      • Anaesthesiologist practicing outside Myanmar who may be Myanmar citizen or non-citizen.
  2. Inactive member
    • Anaesthesiologist who is a former member of MSA but they failed to update annual dues for 2 years.
    • An inactive member can rejoin the MSA (see how to join section).
  3. Senior member
    • Member anesthesiologist who retired from government service. Senior member has opportunity of exemption from annual dues.

 Membership application form

Click here to get MSA membership application form and send to member service team (email, mail, SMS)

 Membership service team

If you have any assistance about the membership and annual dues, please contact to the following team member or email to us [email protected]

UM (1) UM (2) UMM DSMA

Thin Thin

Ei Ei Han

Ei Ei Nyunt

Khine Win

Col Myat Min San

Major Thant Sin

Major Moe Htet Aung


 MSA offers members the education, research, and practice management tools they need to serve their patients and their profession.

  • All doctors in the field of Anaesthesiology can join the Myanmar Society of Anaesthesiologists (MSA). See membership eligibility for description of membership types.
  • Rejoin MSA : (Click here to get MSA membership reinstatement form)
  • If you are a former member of the MSA (i.e., inactive member), you can now rejoin anytime by contacting ( MSA member service team )

  Membership fees

Myanmar anaesthesiologists                       – 5000 kyats

– Non-citizen                                                      – 20 US$

Annual fees

Please update your annual dues to become an active member before August annually.

Contact member service team to update the annual fees.

– For active ordinary member, annual dues is 10000 Kyats.

– For active affiliate member, annual dues    – Myanmar anaesthesiologists      – 10000 Kyats

– Non-citizen                                     – 20 US$

– Active ordinary member              – 246 in number as of 2017 registration